Passion on narrow streets – Rome


You would think there are some really cool buildings in Rome. You’re wrong; there are many more! This magnificent city was built on true greatness. How a single empire could rise this high is unbelievable to me. Tyranny and cruelty is perhaps part of the answer. But I can’t help but to notice the beauty and detail in the architecture. If I could only get the chance to travel in time. To see what it was like when it was vibrant and living. Just a moment to get into the heads of everyone who lived then. Were they just like me and you? I guess,  I’ll never know. My imagination will have to do for now, until someone finally invents time – travel.


Rumours say that Italians drive like mad men. Sitting on the bus from the airport to the centre, I could only agree. One of the first things we encountered was a long line of cars leading to a crash, loud voices and gesticulating. Angry horns was all around us. No one seemed to lift their foot from the gas pedal. The bus ride was bumpy and I had to hold on to my seat to not fall off from it. Suddenly a bag from the hatrack opposite the aisle came down at me. The Italian who supposedly owned it grabbed it faster than I could blink. He had a look on his face that told me this was absolutely normal to him.

It wasn’t easy to find the hotel at Via de’ Ciancaleoni. After a lot of narrow streets, alleys, stairs and a lot of turns, we found our way to it. We had even seen a glimpse of the Colosseum on the way. Even thought we had been walking in 30 degrees with way to much clothes, we still had to see the roof terrace, something that every building seemed to have.


Italy is known for it’s food, and we had high expectations as we headed out to find some good pasta. We walked the cobblestone streets and were delighted by the many grapevine climbing the walls. The first pasta was good. It wasn’t excellent, it wasn’t bad. It was good. We tried hard the coming days to spoil our taste buds. We followed recommendations mostly from Trip Advisor. Some of the things we ate was really good and some was actually really bad. Overall I would give the food we found in Rome an average grade. It didn’t meet my worked up expectations. The best we had was cold cuts on La Locanda del Prosciutto. Full score from me!

Passion, intensity and warmth. That’s the three things I think is put into every Italian. When they drive, speak or cook they seem to do it with all of their heart. Everything they do is supposed to be left at the very best. We felt well taken care of, and warm at heart, meeting this small men. They are in fact really small. We saw them driving their little Vespas, their tiny cars and we tried to fit in their mini clothes. We looked like giants compared to them. Getting about here as an outsider is easy. The only word you have to know is “prego” It seemed to be the favourite word. It means sorry, your welcome, go ahead, thank you. I think maybe, it could mean just anything actually.


I bet it wasn’t… We went to see all the big buildings such as Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and yada yada… But we also found out that in every corner and on every street was castles, monuments, sculptures, fountains and chapels. We would walk down the street and pass courtyards of apartments, beautiful beyond description. Houses built with so much detail and precision, I couldn’t believe it. There were too much to see in the time we had here. But I never got tired of watching. Nor being fascinated of everything around me. Well, in the end, I couldn’t wrap my head around the greatness of Rome. Even how hard I try and how extravagant I imagine, I don’t think I can fantasise a picture close enough to make it justice.


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