Risking my life – Cairns


Finally we are here. At the end. The very last bit of our time in Australia. The grand finale of our journey. Setting my feet in Cairns, I really didn’t know how much this journey had impacted me, and would continue to do long after. Maybe forever. Having so much fun, being caught up in the moment, I had occasionally counted the weeks we had left, making sure to squeeze the very best out of them. Now, when it is down to only days, I have a sad feeling about our departure. It will be terrible to leave. But, before that can happen, there are some more to add to the story.


This is one of the moments I cherish the most. With parts of the reef gone today, I feel honoured to have seen it.

The ocean was rough when we headed out. There was nowhere on the boat where you wouldn’t be soaked with water. Waves were absolutely crushing us. Some went seasick and I wondered how we would make it without tipping over.

When the time came to dive they put so much weight on me I could hardly move. It was more like falling in the water than jumping in. First of all we had to make sure we were breathing right. It was harder than you might think. It actually made me a bit stressed out. While I practised breathing, holding on to the boat, I was surprised to see such big fish that close to us. They didn’t seem to mind us at all.

When I proved to the instructor I had listened to the instructions, he took me along to go deeper. I had to stop myself from not laughing. I couldn’t believe all the beauty we saw. Things I can’t even describe and things I didn’t imagine existed. A giant clam, a sea cucumber and fish in every colour. We even saw a reef shark cutting our path a couple of meters ahead. So cool!


First of all. I didn’t mean to do it. I have never in my life thought that jumping out of a plane is a good idea. Long story short I accidentally bought skydiving. And I’m too economical to pay for something and not use it.

After signing papers I am well aware of the risk ahead of me, and I understand that I might die, we arrived at Tandem Cairns. I was terrified. It took a while going through safety and getting buckled up. In the plane I sat next to the door and didn’t like how far it was gradually getting to the ground. When it was our turn I was all over the place. Not at all cool with this. It’s a good thing I’m not that strong. My instructor easily folded my arms and did a flip out the door. From the very first second of our free fall, I absolutely loved it! Suddenly I had no fear of dying. No care that things could go wrong. I just enjoyed my time flying. It was awesome!


To make our last night in Australia as memorable as possible, we decided to dress up in garbage bags. Not any garbage bags, of course, we sure put our own style to it. The bottom line was; we looked fabulous.

I am sorry to say this was it. Three months of unbelievable places, friends and moments have come to an end. Sitting on the plane with a sad heart I make promises to myself. I promise to not live life as I’m supposed to. To make dreams and wishes become reality. To have a lot of fun. To always expand as a person. To be curious. To be brave enough to change. To explore and learn.

Perhaps I will meet new amazing people and visit new unbelievable places. And when that happens, I will tell you all about it.


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