Barbie cars. That’s the first thing I would think of if someone asked me about Maggie Island. As a tourist, it seemed almost obligated to rent one of those mini jeeps and drive around the island. But we needed something tougher than pink. Neither did we have the patience to wait for the bus. The only option left was to hitchhike. Most drivers shook their heads at us, signing we should walk. Eventually some angel would pick us up. Not only did we get a ride, but we also met really nice people.

As many other places we had seen so far, Magnetic Island was an out of this world kind a place. It was like an utopia just a ferry away. Something that was absolutely not new to us though, was hiking. Yet another hike was on the menu. We got to feed wild baby kangaroos with carrots. And when we spotted a koala we couldn’t help the craving to touch it. The only way to do this was if one of us climbed on top of another. On top of Lina’s shoulders I tried to make contact with the cutie. No reaction. I touched it gently and, just in case, stuck some carrot in its hand. Your welcome.


We waved this crazy island goodbye and headed straight for the jungle. Jackaroo hostel was basically squeezed in between some trees. The first thing we were introduced to was a poisonous spider trapped in a jar. Yaay..


It wasn’t much to do here really. Walking down the street we saw some horses and figured. “We should say hi”. Really glad that we did. The guy living there trained horses in a really special way. We got to watch as he made his daily routine. It was amazing to see!

Then we decided to walk some in the jungle. We were told to use insect repellent. And we did. We really did. Unfortunately, it didn’t help at all. We were yelling at the mosquito’s to leave us alone. We waved with hands and branches hoping to kill some of them. It burned like crazy when they bit. When we finally came out of there Lina and Krista gave me a worried look. And when they showed me pictures of my back I cursed those small mean creatures once more. I had to put tons of ice on my back to make the swelling go down. It was not worth it. Never again! An afternoon stroll is not to be taken in the jungle! I think all three of us were pretty happy we had only one night at Mission beach. Next is our very last stop in Australia; Cairns!


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