Living on a boat. Spotting a turtle now and then. Getting together with friends. Can life get better than that? Probably not.


When we arrived at Airlie beach, the place was hot! And I was already darker than my mother! It was a good thing the little town had a public pool. The Lagoon was the place to hang out. Every person we had met earlier on the East Coast were in the water already. There wasn’t a lot to do in town. It had a main street with some bars, shops and restaurants. But that didn’t matter. We didn’t come here for that anyways, it was Whitsundays we were after.


The best thing about getting on a boat is if your buddies come along. Krista, whom we had met in Bondi Beach was joining us. Krista had been a trustworthy companion before and she was gonna stick along for the rest of our time in Straya. Lovely! Best pals can be handy if you discover that the whole boat is filled with other girls. Oh my, we could sense drama would occur, and boy, it hit us hard. I will not go in to it, because there is so much more to tell!

Tongarra was an amazing host! The food was cooked onboard and it was delicious. We were sleeping in cosy beds on deck and were taken to the best places! We even saw turtles from deck! The captain was a bit crazy, but at this point it was expected.

Snorkeling here is probably the best I’ve ever done. The water was so salty you could let your body rest, floating face-down, watching all kind of beauties. We once saw a fish way bigger than I was comfortable with. I told myself to be calm and not panic. It didn’t work.

One time we were caught up in a current. We really got a taste of how dangerous they are. I swam as fast as I could but didn’t get any closer to the boat, and I was so tired too! Luckily they drew us in with a rope.


Whitehaven beach is beyond beautiful! We saw little fish and made an exclusive peeling with the sand. Our skin became soft soft soft. We spotted two guys with an enormous jet ski. Lina and Krista wanted to go talk to them and see what would happen. I told them it would never work. I was totally wrong and all of us got to ride on the jet ski. It was the best! They said it ran for 110 km and even if that sounds much i believed them! I couldn’t scream or keep my eyes open because of the wind. And I held on as tight as I could not to fall off. We where hysterical telling the other girls what we had done.

If all that wasn’t enough. Add to it falling asleep to the sound of moving water and waking up because of the sunrise and wind blowing in your hair. I absolutely loved those days on board.


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