Until now we had been traveling Australia as true explorers. We had been the masters of our fate and through tears, sweat and blood we had overcome every struggle coming our way. It was time to let someone else decide for us what to do and where to go. We let a travel agency sell us tons of tours and hostels. Every minute of our remaining stay was decided. All we needed to do was to show up at the right time at the right place. I was very fine with this, no more wondering about what to do next.

The list of things to do would eventually lead us to Cairns, where we would catch our flight back to Sweden. But there are lots of tales to tell before coming to that. First of all we went to Rainbow beach. From there we went driving in a tag along tour on beautiful Fraser Island. Driving on sand is way more fun than it sounds like. Between drives, it was all about partying and camping. I think me and Lina was bouncing some kind of hyper energy between each other because we seemed unable of shutting up. We couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t think I ever laughed that much in my entire life.


Along the tour we made a lot of stops for swimming. All the time, all day long actually. It didn’t matter though, swimming is quite nice. If the ocean is full of sharks there are other nice places to go. Such as Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie and Champagne Pools. Dingos were in the area. Bringing a stick and a friend whenever going to the loo was a good idea. Preferable both. I enjoyed tagging along and comfortably we tagged along to the next little place.