It was only one month left in Straya and my wildest imagination couldn’t picture what the last days had in store for us. It was gonna be a roller-coaster, for sure. We had started the travel up the coast and was supposed to end in Cairns. First stop was Noosa heads.

One of the best things that happened to us every once in a while was losing the availability of internet. Undistracted with whatever happened on the screen or the need to plan ahead we had the chance to explore what was present. Filled with curiosity we set out to see more of Noosa. A girl from our room joined us, I discovered later that Keetah by some ridiculous coincidence knew Kristin whom I had met in Byron Bay. I couldn’t believe it.

We found a trail along the shore that would be enough to cover for one day. Soon enough the heat had us stripping our clothes, it was indeed a sweaty hike. We walked through the bush trying to find koalas, walked a nude beach, stood on a rather windy Hells Gate, and finally found a rock-pool to ease our burning skin. The colorful fish washing in from the ocean made me feel like being part of an aquarium.


Most of us know Steve Irwin, the great croc hunter. I was one of those who grew up watching him on telly, and it really was a shame when he passed away. For me it was quite special to go visit the Zoo that was created and built by him and his wife Terri.

I have been to many Zoos before but this one left a mark on me for real. I was surprised and moved by the way the crew cared for the animals. They had big areas to relax in. The shows were performed in a way that they had a choice of participating. It made me happy to see that animals were put first!