After two weeks apart it was time to join forces again. I left the horses in Toowoomba and met Lina back in Surfers. I had loved the place the first time, but that didn’t stop me from loving it even more. This time  we had time to explore bigger parts of the city. We walked an everlasting walk on the beach and explored some of the streets in town.

The Italian boys from Couchsurfing let us stay with them once more. Big surprise, they fed us pasta! It seems like they always have some travelers sleeping all over their living room. I guess it makes life more interesting.


Finally I got a chance to prove my surfing skills. It turned out I had none. Surfers Paradise is a great spot to go if you’re experienced, not so much if you’re a beginner. If you still wanna give it a go, stay away from the Asian! They will run you over with their board in ambition to thrive. Honest.

I did manage to catch a wave couple of times. But most of the time I was wrestling the water trying to get back on my feet. Hats off for trying!