I still had this one thing I really wanted; to get closer to the Australian and get to know their everyday life. All of my attempts so far had basically failed but I had one last card up my sleeve. MOVING IN!

I came across a volunteering site called Workaway. As a host you get a hand with your business or around your house and as a traveler you get a unique experience. Being away from my horse this long gave me cravings to be close to someone else’s. Tami Mills had some!

She picked me up in Toowoomba and I was amazed as we drove up to her house. It was beautiful! Together with Nesha from Canada, I was put to work. I wouldn’t really call it work though. The first thing we did was to take the horses for a ride. I felt so good being back in the saddle and had a big fat smile on my face as we enjoyed the countryside. I quickly noticed the great amount of wallabies, a small version of kangaroo. They were everywhere!

After traveling for two months it was nice to be back in a routine. It wasn’t hard to wake up to tend for the animals. We did most of it before it got too hot. One of the things that was hard to adapt to was sleeping alone. I had a room to myself and it was oddly quiet. Luckily I had one of the cats keeping me company.

Not all animals were sweet. Those days I didn’t encounter spiders were good days. I freaked out every time I did. One day, Tami took me out to the garage to show me the biggest spider she ever saw. Lucky me to have  been there when that happened… To bad I didn’t get any picture of it.


On the weekend it was time for Tami to show her beautiful Morgan horses on a beauty show/competition. Both horses and riders did well. We walked around at the market and Tami even bought a pig!


Tami is one of those women with a big heart and open arms. If she can’t find any travelers to take home to spoil she would find animals to care for. My week at her place went by so quick  and I’m happy to have taken the detour. I have seen yet another part of Australia, and I will leave the countryside far richer. But for now, i’m ready for yet another adventure. I wonder where Lina’s at?