Byron Bay couldn’t hold me longer than five days before I had to see MORE, after another extremely long bus ride I arrived at the famous surf spot. It took me less than 10 minutes to get totally lost. With a heavy backpack and extremely warm weather, I wasn’t amused by this. When I finally managed to find the hostel, I got to share rooms with three real sweethearts. We quickly found friends in each other and spent the days being really girlish, enjoying the ocean and the streets together. We even had the luck to walk into a movie night on the beach!


Shopping was good in Byron but the stores here, I could die for. I couldn’t stop myself from stuffing my backpack with even more. I told myself that such beautiful things was worth carrying. For miles. Surfers Paradise made me feel like being in America. Not only because of the American names such as Miami State high school but also because of the food. Walking into a grocery in Surfers or America, you wouldn’t know the difference. Fat and cookies is what you will find. My average intake of food during my time here would be that from Pizza Hut. Only reason was the prize. It was cheaper than cooking, and money was slowly vanishing becoming a memory. I better be saving some.

I loved Surfers! This is the place where I honestly considered to stay in Australia. I felt so at home here, the beach houses at the calmer parts of Gold Coast was amazing and I can really imagine living there. Except I would eat less pizza, of course!


Couchsurfing is another ideal thing to try if you want to save money. It also gives you the opportunity to get closer to locals. We had been trying to get us connected with someone on the page all along, but this is the first time I managed to find someone decent. It was a collective of Italian, French and Korean. They were the best hosts ever and the Italian guys showed me how to steal a cart and proved to me they actually do always eat pasta.