It’s funny how fast we adapt to new circumstances. Five weeks ago it had been awkward to even walk into a hostel and I felt like a retard. Coming back from the mountains was more like coming home. Hiking and playing it rough last couple of days made us think of Bondi Backpackers as luxury. We where really tired but none of us could sleep in the soft bed. The cure was to sleep on the floor.


You might think, I was thinking, I would learn how to surf from some ripped, hot Australian guy. Instead it was a Swedish sweetheart! Marcus was the best teacher ever, and he is also an amazing human being. He is one of those we met who was supposed to spend a few months in Australia and then go home. Tickets booked and everything. Instead he followed his heart, said fuck it all, and stayed forever. Anyway; surfing is so much harder than you think. I mean, swimming was hard enough. Getting out there, battling enormous waves with a board three times bigger than myself was almost impossible. Pride was all over my face when I managed to catch a wave, the feeling of it, priceless.


We continued to have a blast with our friends. Spending the evenings at the beach, the skate ramp, the city or the dance floor, I had the time of my life. But as much as I loved Bondi and my new friends I still had the itchy obsession to see more. Australia is BIG and reaching half time of our months here, I had to do something about it. As Lina had to work some more we agreed it would be good for both of us to try our wings alone.

They use to say you need to work hard to get somewhere in life. So many things during this trip came to us by research and questions asked. But some of my most precious moments came to us by themselves. Traveling taught me that I can make choices, and strive for things to happen, but I can’t always control the outcome. A bunch of choices, non choices, coincidence, good luck and bad luck made memories and situations I will remember forever. I am happy we moved to that specific hostel and met those specific people in that specific time. We shared an unusual experience, many laughs, strange events, space, and sweet memories. I found friends that will stay with me forever. And it would brake my heart to leave them.