“Sydney is a black hole swallowing people”.

After a lot of short time visits we ended up staying a while. One of Sydneys hottest beaches, Bondi, seemed like a good place to do so. We watched the waves from our window, walked barefoot to the beach and spent the days doing whatever we felt like. I didn’t mind getting lost here. Nor lose track of time. Bondi Backpackers became our home. Lina had found a job and I spent some time studying. Among other things of more importance of course.

ROOM 109

We fell in love with our new roommates at first sight. An Englishman an American and a German. Score. They welcomed us with open arms. The hostel in whole was like a big family. We made friends from all over the world. Some of them where travelers lingering in Sydney, others had come there to build themselves a new life.

Living in a hostel teaches you a lot. You will have to accept things as they are and private space is not existing. People will be in your face and getting about your day will not be as smooth as you’re used to. Adapting is key and soon enough life in a backback is as normal as breathing. In true Australian spirit:

Everything will be all right!


There was no end to what we would come up with. If we didn’t practice to stand on our heads in the hallway we probably sang in the kitchen about boys breaking our hearts. Comfy as the hostel was, we spent most time elsewhere. Exploring the city, the mountains and the beaches. One day we made a trip to Manly Beach. One of the sweetest places i’ve ever seen. Might be number one of spots I’ll move when I’m finally super rich.