First of all. I have to tell you about the boys. OMG, they looked good! I couldn’t believe it, so many good looking fellas in one single place. Anyways. There is other things to life than boys…

The first days in Sydney we moved from place to place in town, not knowing quite where to go. Finally we went to the library to sneak on their internet and sort things out. We needed something more permanent. I still remember trying to fit ourselves and the backpacks in the library elevator with two men. One of us had to go backwards out the elevator so the other one could turn. We were quite a sight. Did I tell you about my backpack? It was 20 kilos of my computer, kamera and clothes, almost half of my own weight. It was heavy.


We ended up at Coogee Beach. The place was beautiful but we didn’t like the hostel at all. Unluckily, we had booked three nights there to avoid moving around as before. So we had to endure English, loud, stupid girls who didn’t care if we were sleeping, blabbing on about their silly lives. Nothing went my way these days. I broke my key in the locker. Then I had to go to service with my laptop which wouldn’t start. I was least to say nervous. I had tons and tons of pictures on it. (Including everything on this page so far.) And I needed my computer for school, as I was studying as we travelled. (Not recommended.)

The upside of this though was living by the ocean. First time we went swimming is a dear memory. I thought I was used to rough water, coming from The West Indies, and Lina wouldn’t listen to my warnings. First wave came at us; She faceplanted and scraped her knee and I lost my panties.


To many beaches and to little time… Australia has endless of perfect spots like these, found on a walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach. Bondi is probably the most perfect of them all, and for us it made all the difference. Little did we know that this beach would soon change our lives forever.