We prepared ourselves for Kings Canyon in every way we could think of. We decided to take turns carrying the backpack containing 6 liters of water. We had learnt the lesson, and planned carefully to make the water last. We had bought hats, amazed how much that little piece of fabric helped against the sun. Still no fly nets. Never. We are vikings! We started our walk early to avoid most of the heat. Luckily for us, the day was windy, which made the walk much easier. Even enjoyable.


For some of us, napping was the correct response after the days exercise. We spent a great amount of time in the bus during our three days here. We made a lot of spontaneous stops along the road. One time we stopped to find, dig up and eat worms. We didn’t find any, thank God!


Did you know camels are used in racing? I didn’t either until I visited this ranch. I have to disappoint you. We didn’t race. We made a small circle in the sand and that was it. Maybe not that thrilling, BUT it was a wonderful place and I get the feeling camels are much smarter than they look like. In fact. I think they look kinda smart…


We thought we had been through it all. But there was some surprises left to be thrown our way. We all had a laugh when explained to us that if the loo wasn’t good enough we had to dig a hole in the ground ourselves. The only danger this time was the possibility of cows accidentally stepping on us as we made camp on an enormous farm. There was actually a big bull wandering around near us. But we didn’t care anymore. We had seen it all, conquered the mountains and nothing could scare us anymore. Looking up at the stars, I am so glad we accidentally booked a trip here. I will never forget the magic of the mountains, which is really hard to explain. Tomorrow, we are heading for SYDNEY!