The second day we got to test ourselves to the max. First was the sunrise overlooking Ayers Rock. I took 147 pictures in fear to miss the opportunity.

At the second mountain Kata Tjuta, also called The Olgas we walked for hours. I Remember worrying that the tour would be too easy. Well, I’m happy to still be alive! It was tuff… Coming from snow and winter back in Sweden and couple of cold days in Melbourne, we weren’t exactly prepared to walk the desert in 40 degrees… It took a toll on us. But I loved it! This experience matched the picture I had when wanting to travel here. To be out in the nature, and test myself.

We had to bring couple of liters water with us and our guide kept telling us about people he had been forced to carry back to the bus because of dehydration. This heat was serious. Sweat was everywhere. Last 10 minutes we ran out of water and we soon realized how much we needed it. Those minutes gave both me and Lina a headache and I remember tuning out from any conversation I had focusing on getting forward. Back in the bus everyone collapsed. Exhausted.


Back at camp we were treated as royals. We got to swim in the pool and filled our bellies with heaven! After relaxing by the fire we sorted our swags to enjoy a good nights sleep. No centipede here. No dangers. We could hear the dingos trying to get to our food, and I stared out in the dark thinking they would take me first if they attacked, as I was sleeping at the end. But this didn’t bother me as much as little bugs did, weirdly. I slept like a baby. Above me, the magic light of a million stars.