At last! Our BIG adventure is taking a start. Surrounded by other travelers, ancient red rocks and the raw outback it’s hard not to get affected in a very special way.  Hard to forget is also the heat (40 degrees and more). And the flies. They where on my head, in my mouth, in my eye, in my other eye and always, always the buzzing sound in my ears.

Packed up in a bus together with peps from all around the world and Australias best guide Thomas Kiem we set out to explore the three mountains Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. First out was Ayers Rock, also called Uluru.


Except from the hardest word I know The Aboriginals are the original population of Australia. That is, before english convicts took over the place. During time they have been given back recognition by the government through various preservation and rebuilding projects. The Aboriginal culture stretches way back and in the core of it is art, nature and telling stories from one generation to the next.


Who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars? Tucked in something I would describe as an upgraded sleeping bag, called a swag, I closed my eyes and dozed off. It started dripping. Everyone jumped up and ran into the little kitchen to escape the rain. I had just taken out my contacts. I couldn’t see much. Our guide calmed us suggesting we could sleep there, under the roof. Still not seeing much I did see something move on the floor. I told the others, jumped up on a bench and totally freaked out. Someone killed it. (One of the men, obviously.)

Me and Lina went to the bathroom, I stumbled around hoping not to step on any of the revolting creatures. I sat on the toilet with my legs up in the air. When one long snakelike thing came creeping under my toilet door. I lost it. I went crying, sobbing and yelling. ”I cant do this! No. No. I can’t!” Haha… So much for the I-want-to-experience-the-wild mentality. We slept in the bus that night. Or, I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking about Australian wildlife. This is it I thought. This is Australia. All the stories I had been told went past in my head. One after another. And I couldn’t imagine what monster would be next.

Google centipede and you will understand…