To get into a car of strangers is a perfect way to be spontaneous. Starting and finishing in Melbourne a man called Ash took us to some worth-while stops along the Great ocean road. First time we ever saw real life surfers we were ecstatic. Ofcourse we stalked them all the way to the water!

Beauty after another were presented to us and we watched in awe. We even helped to make some things even more gorgeous! We made some stops for wildlife too. We were told the koalas get high from the eucalyptus and sleep most of the day. Im not sure if that’s true.

One of many walks you can find in Straya. Don’t remember the name. I do remember to be careful, basically anything can kill you… Also, everything is bigger.


Last stop was the massive stones, shaped by mother nature herself.


Planning is key to a successful trip, right? I booked our first night the day before our flight… BRILLIANT. As we didn’t know what to do next we sought advice from people who should hug us and tell us everything would be ok. After talking to a joy-killer-woman from an information center we stumbled into a travel agency to fetch some brochures. Long story short we left after booking flights and a tour in the center of Australia (!) We were absolutely pissed off. Not that we didn’t want to go, but only because they persuaded us. Anyway, off we went to new adventures!