First stroll through the city got us lost. As did all the times we went outside the door. Man we looked small then! We are bigger now. (Now, that I am writing this cuz it took me forever to get started.)

Melbourne is quite nice. We didn’t love it but we didn’t hate it. (We hated it.) I just think we missed all the places that’s cool because we were confused and didn’t know anything. This is a very artistic city. Everything and everywhere is art, music and paintings. Even the houses are art-pieces. And there is random things put up by the side of the highway too. So cool!


Biggest one I ever seen. Back home its a cheap store but here its fancy-pancy… sick


We want to know… where you are. Everyone we see is either a backpacker or Asian. We walked for hours trying to find a store where the food had english written on it. We are shocked, and a bit sad that you aren’t here. And we hope to catch up with you later. Now that we travelled all the way across the world from Sweden just to meet you. I get why you are hiding from us, I would too. BUT STOP IT!


If you are a girl, this is what you should tell yourself everyday. And if you’re her mother, you should tell her too:

– You is kind. You is smart. You is important!

And see the movie if you haven’t!!